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Entrepreneur and researcher mindset

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Recognizing these different mindsets will help you to be successful whether you are starting a business or working within research. A recent quote by a successful Cambridge entrepreneur and Physicist was that the duality of ‘Paranoia and optimism’ is what is needed in building a business. As a scientist or engineer, you are trying things out, experimenting and failing – much closer to an entrepreneurial mindset than you might think…
Another quote that will resonate with you, the scientist, engineer or entrepreneur is ‘The pragmatic mix between experiment and theory’. Do entrepreneurs or researchers think like this, and when does this change when you are growing a business? This talk will give you inspiration on how to monetise your ideas by exploring what is behind the mystique of the entrepreneur and the process orientated research decision making. By recognizing the differences between the entrepreneurial spirit, looking at things differently, and the efficiencies and productivity of research thinkers you will gain insight into the duality of analytical thinking and intuition needed to be successful.
Dr Lianne Taylor will be speaking to RisingWISE delegates from both Oxford and Cambridge at Madingley Hall on the 10th November.