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Entrepreneur and researcher mindset

How is this helpful and relevant to you?   Recognizing these different mindsets will help you to be successful whether you are starting a business or working within research. A recent quote by a successful Cambridge entrepreneur and Physicist was that the duality of ‘Paranoia and optimism’ is what is needed in building a business. As […]

Impact Women’s Network – Female successes – norm not anomaly

Dr Lianne Taylor is a Chartered psychologist, author and researcher. Her business Rootbind uses psychology, entrepreneurship and organizational research in understanding business issues.  Lianne’s research interest is the interplay between differences in cognition which affect decision-making, and the impact that has on business growth. This blog reflects her positivity that now is the time to […]

Real World Impact – Spark the Conversation

Our first Real World Impact blog has been published! A huge thank you and well done to Dr. Lianne Taylor, Founder of Rootbind who wrote about the Impact Women’s Network in light of emergent theory. Her blog post is entitled “Female Success – norm not anomaly” and in it she writes:“Impact Women’s Network (IWN) captures […]

Shifting the Gender Gap to an ‘All Differences Matter’ Narrative

This article purposefully shifts the narrative that disadvantages female entrepreneurs to a focus on entrepreneurial differences in thinking, traits and behaviour of successful business leaders. It provides insight and suggestions from research to encourage a more inclusive approach to starting and building a business that both genders can adopt in order to play with their strengths. […]

EPOC: How your skills as a research scientist are useful in business

On the 15th March, we’re delighted to host Dr. Lianne Taylor for an interactive discussion on how your skills as a research scientist are useful in business and entrepreneurship. Dr Lianne Taylor will present her own entrepreneurial research, practical experience and academic benchmarking to help your own decision-making, risk awareness, biases and opportunity recognition as […]

Talk on Creating a Culture of Innovation and Enterprise

Dr. Lianne Taylor will be co-delivering a talk entitled “Creating a Culture of Innovation and Enterprise” with Claire Johnsen, St John’s Innovation Centre, for the Chinese Guangdong Provincial Committee Organization Department Green, Circular, and Low-carbon Development, on the 1st August.

Anglia Ruskin Learning and Teaching Conference

Lianne Taylor will be speaking at the Anglia Ruskin Learning and Teaching Conference with Claire Johnsen from the St John’s Innovation Centre on 27th June entitled “Students and Lecturers as Co-Creators of Enterprise in the Race Against Job Automation”.

Female entrepreneurs and the curse of ‘male-only’ business attributes

Female entrepreneurs and the curse of ‘male-only’ business attributes In theory, the world of entrepreneurship should be gender-blind. Start-up businesses are judged on whether they survive or die, and you might have thought that the same stark definition was applied to entrepreneurs themselves. But the discussion around how business people operate in this bruising arena has […]